First Battle of St Albans 1455

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First Battle of St Albans 1455

Postby Ghost » Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:43 pm

First Battle of St Albans 1455 by Andrew Boardman ... 448&sr=1-1

An exceptionally well written and researched account of the first battle of St Albans with extensive use of the numerous contempory accounts of the battle (probably the most well documented of all wars of the roses battles) and also avoiding the posy battle "Yorkist" propoganda. The reader is given a real sense of following the events which unfold in "real time" with who said and did what at key stages throughout the day.

Best Wars of the Roses book read for a long time and one from which I learned some new facts

"Tell your masters that Englishmen do not surrender" - Thomas Beaufort, Earl of Dorset to French Herald; Valmont, 1416.

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