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Medieval Underworld

Postby Marcus Woodhouse » Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:00 pm

Andrew McCall, Book Club Associates, 1979
I was given the name of this book as being a worthwhile read about six years ago, and I have finally got around to reading it. It covers western Europe from about the 5th to the 15th century, with a focus upon France and England in particular.
I felt that there was a slightly anti Catholic thread going through the whole of the book which I was more amused by then annoyed with (and which I put down to the time when it was written). On the whole it kept me interested and I did find out stuff I knew nothing about. There is a lot of padding out in the book which diverges at times into areas that I could not quite see as being anything to do with the title (such as the way late 15th century French armies were raised and organised, fascinating though it was. I also wondered about who researched and added some of illustrations as there were several 16th and 17th century woodcuts (as well as the usual Victorian cack).
This was an old second hand copy and I don't know if there are more recent editions, if there are I'd check them out.


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