Margaret Beaufort

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Margaret Beaufort

Postby Marcus Woodhouse » Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:01 pm

"Mother Of the Tudor Dynasty" by Elizabeth Norton. ISBN 9781445601427. Amberley Books, 2010.
In an age of powerful women behind the throne (Margaret of Anjoi, Cecily Neville, Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret of Burgundy) Margaret Beaufort, daughter of a likely suicide, divorced at 10, widow and mother at 13, plotter, prisoner, widowed twice more, stands out as being a real heavyweight and I had high hopes that this book would do her justice. Sadly I feel that it falls short of this, not least in the way it uses the same sermon by Fischer three times during the course of the opening two chapters. A lot of padding has gone into a book that feels like it has been rushed out to cash in on that awful "White Queen" and "Red Queen" series of novels by She Who Must Not Be Named. A pity as I was looking forward to reading this.


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