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Post by wurzul »

Just saw it. Great fun. Took me back to being a nipper and borrowing Rosemary Sutcliffe books from the local library. Best use of a testudo in a movie so far? Quite possibly.

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Brendan C
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Re: Eagle.

Post by Brendan C »

Saw it on Friday and did enjoy it

Have not read the book in over 30 years - will have to pick up a copy

Brendan C
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Ellen Gethin
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Re: Eagle.

Post by Ellen Gethin »

I must be the last Rosemary Sutcliff fan in the country to watch The Eagle, partly because I was nervous about what it would do to a much loved book.

Last night I finally got round to it - and found that the story had been pared right down to the bone. The whole emphasis is on the relationship between Marcus and Esca, (and the quest for the Eagle, of course) with no room for anything else. 
Uncle Aquila, played by Donald Sutherland, though, is just perfect, and at least they kept Marcus's wooden bird, though they changed the significance of it somewhat to fit the theme. For the film, it was all about honour - Marcus working to restore the honour of his family name, Esca sticking to his vow to serve Marcus through thick and thin, and the remnant of the Ninth Legion keeping faith with their Eagle at the last.
So, all in all, the film loses a lot of the subtlety (and characters!) of the book, and gains a few fight scenes, but it's still a pretty good film, with gorgeous landscapes, and good period detail (okay, the Seal People look a bit outlandish, but the scene where they're dancing round the eagle standard looked to me as if it had come straight out of the book!).
It was interesting, too, to see what a very devout young man Marcus was in the film, with a lot of serious prayer to Mithras going on.
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Re: Eagle.

Post by romeowhiskeyone »

I very much enjoyed this. Especially as an American it was interesting to hear how the accents were used in the film.

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Re: Eagle.

Post by czartank »

The early scenes very much had the feel of US marines in Helmand! a cleverly done parallell- enjoyed the film, but missed many of the characters and themes from the book
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Miss Costello
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Re: Eagle.

Post by Miss Costello »

I bought it for my partner for Christmas, along with Centurion.

We really enjoyed both, as someone else mentioned having been a fan of the book I was reluctant to see the film, but I thought Jamie Bell and (surprisingly) Channing Tatum were pretty good.

Thoroughly enjoyed the first battle scenes, gruesome but brilliant!


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steve stanley
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Re: Eagle.

Post by steve stanley »

Better than I expected,But I think the Seal people owe a lot to Last of the Mohicans.........?
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