Dan Snow on Quebec 1759

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steve stanley
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Dan Snow on Quebec 1759

Post by steve stanley »

This is being aired 16th March at 9PM....BBC2
Link to UTube Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tco7WBQuqw

I may be in it...But I have a feeling we were having Coffee and Chocolate while the redcoats were being filmed for the umpteenth time.......

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Mark P.
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Re: Dan Snow on Quebec 1759

Post by Mark P. »

You'll never get famous that way.
Just barge your way into the front rank, follow me!
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Re: Dan Snow on Quebec 1759

Post by Redders »

Or wear a nice fancy Cap (Hat).
That always gets the camera's clicking!!!!!
Trust me - I'm a Red Coat


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Re: Dan Snow on Quebec 1759

Post by Tod »

Nice shots of Lace Wars in the publicity and a credit as well.
No mention of the powder officer though :roll:

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John Waller
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Re: Dan Snow on Quebec 1759

Post by John Waller »

Aiming at their ankles? Really? Someone convince me.
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