Film: Born of Hope

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Film: Born of Hope

Post by levyarcher »

I have been sent a link to a film, watchable at the following website:

Very much Lord of The Rings, although with no affiliation to said franchise.

My computer has been playing up so can't watch it at the moment, so no idea what it is like but could be worth a watch.

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Re: Film: Born of Hope

Post by Master Jarvis »

You're right; it is worth a watch. It's quite amazing that something of such high quality could be made on such a low budget.

It takes a few liberties- Taurdal, capital of the Chieftain of the North, is West Stow- but the quality of acting is incredible, and the film as a whole is great. Don't expect the grand battles of the official movie, though this is understandable.

All in all a great film, and quite watchable as a standalone.
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Re: Film: Born of Hope

Post by lanejared »

I'm glad I stumbled on this post...great movie...hope to see more!
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Re: Film: Born of Hope

Post by soprano »

Great recommendation.
Thanks. Short and entertaining film.

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Re: Film: Born of Hope

Post by youruan »

Well good, I seen before

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Re: Film: Born of Hope

Post by romeowhiskeyone »

Just shows you don't need a massive budget to make a good film. Highly recommended. Be on the lookout for a follow-up...

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Re: Film: Born of Hope

Post by kael »

I'm in it :D

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Re: Film: Born of Hope

Post by Type16 »

Many thanks for the link.
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