Growing Up in Medieval London

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Marcus Woodhouse
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Growing Up in Medieval London

Post by Marcus Woodhouse »

ISBN 0-19-509384-4 by Barbara A. Hanawalt. Oxford University Press 1993. An amazing book that has opened my eyes to all kinds of historic myths, many being spouted by my fellow re-enactors sad to say. read and prepare to be educted, unless you've already read it in which case I bow to your greater wisdom.

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Post by gregory23b »

Excellent book, really good read, as much as the Ties that Bound.

Superb bits of information, like apprencticeships and how the age of apprencticeship increased after the black death and much more (law students rioting and gettring hanged).

That and the other should be must haves.
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Post by Vez »

Ive been thinking of getting this, now I will. Cheers

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Post by zauberdachs »

likewise I think I'll be getting this, the Ties that Bound is a good read.
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