Medieval Women

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Marcus Woodhouse
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Medieval Women

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A Social History Of Women 450-1500. By Henrietta Leyser. Published Phoneix Press (soft back) 1996, ISBN 1-84212-621-0.
I am gratful indeed to those of you who recommended this book to me when I first raised a question over the history of women during the period I re-enact. This book is remarkably readable and informative for its size and the issues it covers.
It has led me to reassess my own ideas of the various roles played by women and armed me with the knowledge I need to hopefully address the inaccuracies still prelevelent amongst many enactors and members of the public I have met.
Stay strong sisters.

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Yep, this is a good book. Womens role in society, at all levels, is some thing that interests me and this book is a good all rounder.

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