ONandR exerpt - uncertain rating

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ONandR exerpt - uncertain rating

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Yes, I'm pretty proud of it but I've no idea what rating it would be :lol: Ideas?

Giselle and Alain strode out of the room, backs perfectly straight and features unreadable. Heading down to the room they'd been assigned, the Colonel opened the door to allow her in first then shut and locked it carefully- if the two footmen assigned either side of the door thought anything odd of this, nothing was said.
That was when all hell literally broke loose.
Alain whirled, the sabre banging against his pelvis as he used one limb to sweep the young womans' legs from beneath her before firmly pinning her down onto the rustic base of the four-poster boudoir. Using his body weight to keep her secure, livid features a scant few inches from her own. Much better to one portion of his mind; he should be the one in charge, doing all the thinking. It was her place to submit and obey.
The movement only brought out a strangled mew of surprise from her throat, coltish figure almost sinking into the downy softness of the sheets that the heat and bulk of her employers' body stopped her getting off from. Those cold avocado eyes locked onto his, a cool expression on her face and lips back into that unreadable line after twitching up to reveal those pointed canines in a brief, animalistic snarl. Her chest heaved silently, throat blocked by one of his leather gloves from making any form of outburst.
"Now, what is this business between you and Mathis?" he hissed, lips a few inches from her own as he applied more of his weight onto her- while not the most unpleasant of scenarios, it was certainly dangerous in the fact that she was significantly smaller and lighter built than her military adversairy. But sadly any carnal instinct would likely be crushed by the surging flare of wrath. Much easier to cope with to the lasses' mind- a man in full anger was easily avoided, a man in full .. uh.. tent was not.
"Nothing," she managed to gasp, carefully working the words past the glove and out of her mouth in the least offensive tone she could manage.
This answer earnt her a slight build of pressure on her pelvis that was threatening to snap- not all of her was on the bed and her lower spine was forced against the wooden frame which sent nerves jolting.
"Answer properly. There's not much I won't do any more and as a Colonel I'm entitled certain .. leniencys," he purred, a dangerous undertone lacing into his baritone voice as he pressed a hand onto her boned stomach. It was a threat, nothing more. But sadly a threat that he'd be more than willing to carry out either before or after mutilating said footman beyond repair. A whine now came from her throat, cheekbones flushed slightly and head tipping back to try and expose her airway from that leather grasp. While her employer was triggering a physical response, enough remained of her sense to prevent anything foolish from occuring. She'd rather face the lash than anything else. Eventually enough energy was summoned for another answer.
"Mathius is.. thinking of becoming a suitor to me."
The Colonels' sudden movement forced an actual cry of pain out of her lungs; he'd shifted to actually straddle her down, powerful muscles tensed beneath the woollen breeches that covered his thighs as he placed his other hand round her neck and jammed his pelvis just above her own- right on her diaphragm almost, a tilt or rock being able to wind her sufficiently. Another tactic that was used with excellent skill in interogations- except with a branch instead of pelvis.
His alarming outburst was followed by a hand lashing over her face, whipping it round before he firmly clamped his lips over her neck. Or rather, his teeth. His sharp teeth. Her spine arched, left side arching towards the source of the hot, tantalising breath on her neck while the other squirmed away as enamel broke flesh and common sense whirled inside her brain. Crimson bubbled at a slow rate over his lips, dribbling to stain the grey bodice and pale flesh. Struggling would make it worse- she wasn't slow enough to risk jerking away and tearing a gouge in her neck. His jaw worked steadily, the two teeth either side working into her skin as well.
They remained locked for several hours.
At last his head rose, cheeks flushed to run a hand over one of her pallid grey cheekbones. She'd passed out, body snapping off her conciousness as his tactic reached it's peak. Idly curious, Alain brushed away her sweat-matted hair from the site of injury. His eyebrows flew up, surprise brushing away the crimson veil that had dropped over his mind. While certainly not fatal, Giselle would certainly bear marks of this encounter for the rest of her life; two holes where his teeth had punctured her neck, small holes speckling either side and the flesh a complimenting rouge around the bite.
Startled, he tugged off a glove and ran his fingers over his lips and teeth. Pulling them away, his pupils widened as self-horror dug itself in. Crimson.
In his want to keep her sheltered firmly and only under his control, he'd possibly spiralled her further away.
"I've just written a very warm, bubbly character who has happy plans for her future. You'd like her. But I was writing it, I was thinking - she's gonna die." - Andy B.

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Do they rate books now?

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