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Been inspired to try my hand at a different style of poetry than i usually do, and towton battlefield is quite an inspirational place! so heres what i came up with ....


Upon this field
Two armies stand
Nature itselef cries against it,
howling her remorse,
a ceaseless gale
No man there stands.
without fear in his heart,
or uncertainty

The prayers are called
The battle is joined
Death invisible rains from the sky,
as arrows hidden in driving snow
Take men unwary
A charge is made,
These waves of men
Weapons clashing,
like breakers on a shore,
The fields turned to mud
The river flows red
As the tide unceasing,
is beaten back

Where is the honour in this death?
this brutal mutilation
What glory in the winning?
this careless taking of lives
Where lies the victory,
no prize can soldiers claim
This death, this horror, this pain,
this glory, on a field far from home
A battle all for nothing
For a rose they can't call their own

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