Instrument(?) of Torture

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Instrument(?) of Torture

Post by Joolz »

Inspired by a photo in Mark Donnelly's (my WMA Instructor) latest book, the 'Big Book of Pain', I felt the urge to create something a little different!

The 'Shrew's Fiddle' isn't really an instrument of torture, more of a restraint in which the unfortunate 'Shrew' would be secured before parading her before the jeering townspeople.

I made it entirely from oak, with a fancy carved scroll neck. However, the eagle-eyed amongst you may notice the lack of a hinge at the bottom end - I'm struggling to find someone to make me one - any suggestions?

Fiddle 5.JPG
Fiddle 4.JPG
Fiddle 1.JPG
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Post by Phil the Grips »

Chris Anson is a metal fettler- PM him

/those pints are stacking up Chris ;)
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Post by chrisanson »

Phil the Grips wrote:Chris Anson is a metal fettler- PM him

/those pints are stacking up Chris ;)

this one is a bit embarassing :oops:
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Post by Miel »

Why not inset a piece of leather ?

Commonly used as a hinge.
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