Useful Terms For Traders Vocabulary

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Martin Cowley

Useful Terms For Traders Vocabulary

Post by Martin Cowley »

Just wondered how many of us have fallen for "slightly exagerated" terms used by organisers,things like, when describing the expected mop turnout at a 1st time show
A.Estimated.... used in terms such as "Our estimated amount of mops is 20,000"
that means 2 zero's are added for luck
B.another is "choice of pitch space" which means that those traders who came last year arent doing it again ,so plenty of empty space...
anyone one else have any useful terms that they have heard in the past :D

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Laurie Wignall
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Post by Laurie Wignall »

Plenty of room

Be prepeared to walk a long way for anything

Proffessional caterers

be prepared for £4.00 for a bacon butty

The bar does the big shows like Silverstone

be prepared for £2.50 for a can of fosters & no real ale
Reclining Budda, stunt double

Apathy is ok, if you can be bothered


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Kaos Magus
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Post by Kaos Magus »

Flat pitch
The local flood plain
If I'm old enough to be her father, then she's young enough to be my mistress....

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Post Centurion
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Post by Neibelungen »

24 hour Security

There's an old retired gentleman who will make an appearance at some point in that 24 hour period

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