Native Spirit Festival 4th - 10th June

For traders and related people to share

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Native Spirit Festival 4th - 10th June

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We have been asked for help by the planning committee of the Native Spirit Festival.

They are looking for people who may be interested in contributing to the festival, in the hopes of organizing workshops, and stalls, to educate the British Public about the wealth of skills native to the America's.

Whilst it isn't our sort of thing, it may well be of interest to those who re-enact aspects covered by this or traders who have a specialism in the kinds of art and crafts that are linked to those traditionally used by the Indigenous peoples of the America ’s, such as beadwork, weaving, basketry, animal husbandry, spinning and dying, and country crafts.

The email received is too long to post here - anyone who would like to read it in full, please pm me and I'll forward it to you.

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