Traders Marquee at Loseley

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Traders Marquee at Loseley

Post by Miel »

Loseley Event 23/24 June 2007:

TJ and I will have our authenti tent committed elsewhere during this event but we want to attend if we can.

Dave of PASTE will organise a Marquee if there are any traders out there who want to share the cost (the budget is tight).

I don't know how much it will cost or how big a one will be needed but if there are any others interested I will work it out when I know the numbers.

Can you let me know. I recon it would be best to divi it up in multiples of 6ft long (table size) by 6ft deep. Let me know how many 6ft long bits you want and I will work something out.

If you want tables let me know and I will work that out too.

Also if there's a re-enactor out there has a small marquee and perhaps some tables they will rent us at a reasonable but fair price, please get in touch. I would rather put the business in the "family" as it were.

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Post by John Waller »

Have sent you a PM.


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Post by frances »

Dear Miel, This is a question I am always having to ask event organisers. For personal reasons I cannot put up my own tent. Did you succeed to hiring a large tent? Big enough for me to squeeze into as well?

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