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Armour Class

Postby katy » Sun Jul 02, 2006 10:49 pm

I recently returned a broken sword to Armour Class, by recorded delivery on the 7th June, that after having made a email enquiry into their policy was assured that if I returned it then they would replace it, only to still be waiting, Is this a normal amount of time to wait with no contact? they dont seem to be replying to any emails I have since sent. any info appreciated, I am without a blade for all this seasons 5thC stuff so need to sort asap. :(

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Postby Lord High Everything Esle » Mon Jul 03, 2006 9:23 am

I cannot speak for Armour Class itself but my advice would be to try ringing them first if emails have failed. +44 - (0) - 0141 - 951 - 2262

It is always possible that they are on holiday. As a one man business myself I sometimes go on holiday for up to a month (in the quite season)and of course nobody can get hold of me then if they have a query about a replacement.

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Postby Guest » Mon Jul 10, 2006 9:53 pm

assuming you've checked that they actually recieved the sword (i.e. that you have a copy of the signed pod), would sugest ringing them - it's the silly season right now for most traders who make their own stuff, and they may simply be too busy to check e-mails regularly.

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Postby Tuppence » Tue Jul 11, 2006 1:23 am

ps - the last post was me - sorry hadn't realised I hadn't logged in - blasted area that lets you post without logging in :cry:


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