Snailwell Medieval Fayre

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Snailwell Medieval Fayre

Postby sharon » Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:29 pm

Hi :)

I used to hold the Snailwell Medieval Fayre but have not been able to hold it the last few years due to funding and am no longer able to use the fields. :(

I have now found a bigger field, it's not such a nice location as Snailwell ( can see a few houses etc) and does run alongside the A11 so is noisier, so would use the side nearest the A11 for car parking and the quieter side for traders. Might be an advantage where it is as easier to find. Also it's about twice the size.
Will have more loos :angel:

Have also got to find a new date that does not coincide with any other Medieval event.
Would October be to late/cold ?? Xmas fayre ??? April/ September ???? a bank holiday although I think there are already events being held then.

I may even do two events a year and possibly combine a wood fayre, separated of course. Feedback on this idea would be appreciated.

Pitches will be about £60.00. There will be more room for traders and would like as many as possible.

If anyone is interested please message me as I would love to hold the fayre again.

Look forward to hearing from you and any thoughts, views and ideas :^)

Have posted this in event announcements as well.

Thanks :)


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