SOLD Nearly New Gear of Finest Quality SEEKS TRADER!

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SOLD Nearly New Gear of Finest Quality SEEKS TRADER!

Postby rupertpearson » Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:46 pm

My Reenactment group is unfortunately folding - we were trying to do reenactment just for ourselves and for friends rather than for the paying public and after a couple of heavily subsided bashes I just couldn't get it going.

I have a very large quantity of the highest quality gear that I now need to sell. The perfect solution for me would be to find traders who would like to buy it all off me so that they can sell it on.

Accordingly I’ve divided it into three categories: “Feasting Gear" / “Large Items" / “Personal Gear”.

The list of “Personal Gear" will need some more work at the start of September but the other two lists are ready to go now. They are just a little bit too large for some email systems so I’ve uploaded them to my website for easy and fast downloading.

Here are the links! They will start downloading automatically from a lap- or desktop computer (but not from a mobile device).

"Feasting Gear":

"Large Items":


If you have trouble downloading them send me your email address and I'll attach the lists to a couple of emails to you.




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