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Postby FionaDowson » Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:41 pm

Does anyone have any advice for a fledgling trader? Is it worth working at the big events like Kelmarsh? I'm planning to trade nalbinded things and, in the longer term, bee skeps and weaving looms.

What do people do about PLI?

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Jackie Phillips
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Re: Kelmarsh?

Postby Jackie Phillips » Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:43 pm

Hi Fiona,

To answer your question about PLI first, your best option is to join the National Market Traders Federation ( For £102 per year (single membership), you receive a whole host of benefits including free PLI, product Liability and Employers Liability insurance. Make sure you request to join the Historic Branch (rather than your local branch).

There are other ways of getting PLI, but this is your cheapest and most straightforward.

Is Kelmarsh (aka History Live!) a good place to trade? If you are looking for a huge public audience and some reenactors from almost every possible period then yes. It's the biggest outdoor multiperiod market that I can think of.

If your market is likely to be only reenactors of a certain period, then no, possibly not. I can't be entirely impartial, I did it once in a year when there were hardly any late medieval reenactors attending and I failed to cover costs (very rare occurence for me), and I've never traded there since although I reenact there every year. Some traders would give up almost any other show available to do it.

Have you been to History Live! ? If not, it's probably worth a visit to see for yourself first, but then that can be true for almost any show. You'll need someone else's input to tell you who to apply to, and autumn at least used to be when the application forms come out for Kelmarsh.


Trust your instincts, whatever else you do.

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