Credit card data on phone

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Credit card data on phone

Postby Druid » Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:32 pm

Hi everyone who uses a card terminal linked to their mobile phone (such as WorldPay Zinc).

If you have a contract with data enabled this is probably no use to you but if you do not usually use data and would have to pay a daily or monthly charge to activate it I have found the cheapest option ... unless you know different!

Asda PAYG offers data at 5p per MB and as authorisations should only use 1-2kB this should last for ages. You have to use the sim every 180 days to show that you are still alive but the credit stays on your account, unlike most systems where it disappears after 30 days.

Better still, you can pick up a free sim at check-out and it includes 10MB free to get you started.

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