B4 you come to tewkesbury READ long message

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B4 you come to tewkesbury READ long message

Postby hamster » Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:00 am

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2014
The Battle of Tewkesbury 1471
12th 13th July 2014


The Most Important Bits. The Warning Orders MUST be circulated to all your trading partners before the event, and you must ensure that they are read and understood. Not being aware of these instructions is not an excuse.
Just to let you know Diane has had pumonia and plurisiy on lead up to event so will not be charging around the site if you need to speak to her she will be on the gate friday and go to admin over weekend if not there they will radio her

The Police are now stationed in the Council Offices and we must all do our level best not to cause them any grief.

You MUST have your car passes attached to your windscreens.
Just to let you Know Diane has had pumonia and plurisy on the lead up to this years event so please if you need to get hold of her on site please go to the Admin tent, as she will not be able to rush around.

You MUST NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 12 NOON on Friday 12th July
(unless you are coming for Schools’ Day)

Schools day; we are looking for as many re-enactors as possible to come on Thursday; use the Beer Tent in the evening (yo!) and be ready in kit Friday morning to be in King’s Camp or in Queen’s Camp and talk to the kids about Life and Heritage during the day. And yes, there will be a battle; re-enactors in gambesons and helms to be the Lancastrians and thus defeated by the Kids... you know the sort of thing. It’s supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund so people with expertise in Plantagenet Life more than welcome. Spinning, armour fettling, cooking, wooden spoon whittling. Please come and make this new part of Tewkesbury Medieval Festival a huge success. It will take place on Windmill Hill and Bloody Meadow.

Thursday arrivals; Traders/entertainers/re-enactors. Those coming to help with the Schools day will have received details of what to do and where to go. Make your presence known to Security and have your passes on the windscreen. And thanks for coming!

Those arriving as normal on Friday, however
YOU CANNOT PARK UP ON LINCOLN GREEN LANE AND WAIT FOR 12 O'CLOCK MIDDAY. You WILL be turned away, and your name will be taken.
You cannot under any circumstances park up on the Council Car Park. (Traders will have permission to park there later, but be aware, Traders, of the blue lines designating police parking areas.) No re-enactor parking in Council car park.
ABSOLUTELY NO SLEEPING IN VANS ETC on the Council car park. If you do, you will be asked to leave the site and not return.

If we annoy the Police, the whole future of the Festival is in jeopardy.
Please be aware that the police on a “shout” will have priority on the roads. Please do nothing to impede them. Obey our stewards/ parking attendants at all times.


No hawks, parrots, chickens, budgies or other fowl; MAFF regulations. There’s a falconer this year.

As we are required by law, and particularly by our event insurers, to show due diligence in who we allow on the battlefield, we would ask that all groups ensure that none of their members are under any police investigation nor have been charged or convicted for assault or violence, or public order offences. Those that fall into the above categories must be notified to us a minimum of 1 month before the battle and TMF will make decisions on an individual basis in conjunction with the group leaders. Failure to disclose such information may result in the whole group being banned from the event. Such investigations or convictions –provided they have been disclosed—will not necessarily preclude attendance at the event. Such information received from group leaders will be kept confidential.

Before you come
All passes handed out to members
Car passes, filled in
Stuck on windscreens
You will be turned away if not.
Please display your passes on windscreen of car/van. Stuck on. Use blutack or tape. Passes enable you to get to your onsite destination FAST, and stops us having to stop you. We just wave you in.
Contact details MUST be filled in and your phone on.
Friday 11th July
12 noon to
10 p.m.
Set up. Absolutely no waiting on Lincoln Green Lane or A 38. You will be turned away. Your name will be taken.
If you need to arrive after 10 p.m. please let Penny or Diane know so they can brief the gate crew
Wristbands handed out in exchange for re-enactor passes.
Please get your vehicles parked off the authentic sites as soon as possible. Do NOT unload in the firelanes. Park carefully and meanly please. Our space is limited.
No re-enactor parking in Council car park or on Windmill Hill—or Tewkesbury Park Hotel; this is public car parking for the Festival.
Please park your vans etc. in the Council car park after 6 p.m, or such time as we advise.
Be aware of designated spaces for police vehicles (blue lines) and other areas designated for council workers and NHS staff.
There is a one-way system in force in the car park. Observe it.

In the evening

2 Anchors Forcenra and Flog the Bass in the beer tent.
Saturday 12th July
7.30 a.m.
Set up. All cars must be off authentic site by 9.00 a.m.


Public start to drift in. Official start is 11 a.m. but they come in early
Druids in Bloody Meadow.

Commanders’ Meeting Beer Tent. Followed by walk through on the field. Wristbands distributed after walk through. All households MUST send their captain or other designated person.

12 noon
Official opening of the event by our Patron Robert Hardy and the Town Mayor.

12 noon
Archery competition amphitheatre off Windmill Hill. £2

3.15 p.m
Muster in Severn Trent Field (plastic camp) Weapons check.

4.00 p.m
Battle. Commentators Chris Bruce. And Professor Ronald Hutton

5.45 p.m.

6.00 p.m.
Beer tent closes for a bit; re-opens when public have left.

Talk by Dr John Ashdown-Hill on the Duke of Clarence; Abbey Rooms. Tickets at info tent or at the door.

6.30 p.m.
Muster outside Exhibition tent for Skirmish and Executions.

7.30 p.m
Skirmish and executions outside the Abbey

8.30 p.m.
Compline Service and memorials in the Abbey, by invitation of the Rev Canon Paul Williams
Badde Habyt Bang on the Ear, Inkubus Sukkubus entertain...in the beer tent
1 a.m.
Beer tent closes. Curfew applies. Please keep noise to the minimum

Sunday 12th July
9.15 a.m.
Family Eucharist on Windmill Hill (King’s Camp) all welcome.

All traders’ vehicles should be off the site.

10 a.m.
All ready for the public.

10 30 a.m.
Commanders’ Meeting, beer tent.

12 noon
Archery competition. Amphitheatre

2.15 p.m.
Muster Severn Trent Field. Weapons check

3.00 p.m.
Battle, Chris Bruce and Professor Ronald Hutton commentating

5.00 p.m
Event closes. No vehicle movement until advised by Security Management Team. This is a condition of our licence. The Public need to exit safely.
While waiting, please litter pick, or remove barrier tape in the re-enactor car parks. Helps us enormously! Thanks

One way system on site for vehicles and also all traffic turn left on exiting Lower Lode Lane when you leave.
Monday 13th July
11.00 a.m
You will have gone; safe journey and see you next year.
Only those who have volunteered to help, and who have advised Diane, Penny and Gary beforehand will still be on site.

This is an invitation only event. You’re invited because we like you. You must not give your passes to anyone else. You will swap your re-enactor passes for wristbands at the gate. Traders you will register with Diane. No pass, no wristband. You must ensure that all passes/vehicle passes are distributed to your group members before the event. Vehicle passes must be complete and attached before you arrive at Lincoln Green Lane.

Tewkesbury is just off the M5, Junction 9 Follow our signs which send you the right way round to avoid clogging the roads. And you get to see the statues. No arrival before noon on Friday. (unless you have permission to arrive on Thursday for the Schools day on Friday)

Same locations as previous years. Plastic camping Severn Trent field, and the field beyond the Gunners field.
Authentic camping on the Battlefield. Or in Bloody Meadow or Windmill Hill. (you will have requested those locations beforehand and they are indicated on your vehicle passes.)

Those for Bloody Meadow or for Windmill Hill will enter those areas BEFORE the main entrance.
You cannot access Bloody Meadow on Friday until 3.15 p.m. Windmill Hill Friday get in; Please be aware of children on site and crawl very slowly to the area behind the hedge. “The Belgian bit” You cannot set up in King’s Camp itself until after three p.m.
You will need to go to site office to swap your re-enactor passes for wristbands.
Everybody else; enter by Lincoln Green Lane main entrance, get your wristband and be directed to the right spots.

Camper vans and caravans to the field beyond gunners. EXCEPTION “disabled” campervans and caravans will have a spot on Severn Trent. Hopefully you will have notified Penny beforehand of “disabled” campervans and caravans and we will have reserved you a spot. “Disabled” caravans. You will need to unhitch and park your car round the perimeter like everyone else. If Severn Trent gets full (we decide!) the only other area is in the field beyond Gunners field, by the river.

Parking of re-enactor cars. Must be off site as soon as possible please. Some on Severn Trent (plastic cars) nose in to hedges. Slingetts Field, Lower Lode Lane –where indicated; and on the picnic sites and in Cheltenham College Boatyard—don’t block the driveway. Be aware of the Severn Trent Works entrance; don’t park there.
No parking on public use car parks, (Windmill Hill and Tewkesbury Park Hotel) and absolutely no re-enactors on the Council car park. No parking on Battle Estate (houses opposite the site)
Cars should be moved to parking areas as soon as possible after unloading. And DON’T unload in the fire lanes. That’s most people on Friday night-- apart from designated late arrivals—who will have told us in advance. Please park as close as possible; we have limited space. No cars to be parked in the camping areas.

Traders; you will be told the time you can move your vehicles to the Council Car Park. BE AWARE OF THE PARKING RESTRICTIONS. BLUE LINES MEANS POLICE PARKING ONLY

Site speed limit 5mph walking pace. Anybody abusing this will be asked to leave. Site speed limit on Lower Lode Lane 10 mph—there are lots of pedestrians here.

Volunteers. We rely on volunteers to help set up, supervise the parking and all that jazz; if you can help, please let Diane or Penny know. Lots of volunteers means nobody has to do it for long! Thanks
Kit Standard

The Battle of Tewkesbury took place in May 1471. Kit must be of the period,
Archery Competition

Details at the Commanders’ Meeting. Please if you are able we are looking for the donation of a prize if you can help please let us know via the admin tent in the traders Field

Skirmish/executions at the Abbey
This is hugely popular with the public and is open to all who love to indulge their sense of theatre aka overacting abilities. Muster at 7 p.m. by the exhibition tent, march down to the Abbey and die a horrible death. Battle safety rules apply.

Compline Service in the Abbey afterwards, with a memorial to those re-enactors who have recently died. Any names please contact Penny beforehand to pass on to Paul Williams the vicar. You cannot take edged weapons into the Abbey. Penny will be in the porch collecting them and looking after them.

Morning Service

There is a Family Eucharist on Windmill Hill on Sunday morning at 9.15 all welcome
On site facilities are as they have been before.
Portaloos. There are sufficient and they are serviced regularly. Anyone found upending them or doing other silly things will be asked to leave.

Water There are sufficient standpipes throughout the site.. The water is drinkable. No-one should pipe into the supply with hosepipes etc. Do Not use the fire bucket water; it isn’t drinkable. And don’t muck about with it either.
Please keep well hydrated.

Logs and fires Logs are provided for Living History sites only, All fires must be off the ground.
No fires in plastic camping. Do not take more wood than you need. There is a limited supply. You must have a fire bucket to hand if you have open fires. If the weather is dry and windy, be aware that fires can spread rapidly,. Leave no fires unattended. Be aware of tent safety with candles/ lanterns etc. No “Chinese balloons” We are hoping for a dry July... There is a lot of dry grass around. Be very fire aware. Are Not to be sold

Living History Food it is absolutely forbidden by Environmental Health rules to allow members of the public to “sample” your Living History food. Anyone giving out food to MOPs will be asked to leave.

Rubbish. We recycle as much as possible, please take your litter to the appropriate bins. It helps our hard-pressed crew if you do as much as possible to keep the site clean. Bring your own black bags; extras available from site office.

Dogs must be under control at all times.

Catering. The usual range of caterers will be there. Lots of choice. Closed by midnight. Even they need sleep.

Beer Tent Closed at midnight and cleared of revellers. Curfew then applies; keep the noise down.
General safety and security
If an “incident” occurs that requires the emergency services please leave this to the Security Team. Too many calls clutter the system.
Everyone is responsible for their own safety; and that of others.
Keep to the speed limits
Do NOT park in the fire lanes—even to unload. YOU WILL BE TOWED.
Camp sensibly
Keep valuables locked away
Report any pilfering/loitering to the Security Team
Lost property – take to the Information tent. (Black Bear flag flies above this)
Site office on Severn Trent; very busy people but they have the answers.
Be nice to the Security Team. They work hard on your behalf to make this a great event.
Leaving on Sunday night. There is a “no traffic movement” order in place for about an hour after the festival closes. A condition of our licence. You will be informed just as soon as it is safe to move. There’s a one way system on the Battlefield for packing up. In through the picnic area car park and out through the main gate. This is the reverse of how you get in on the Friday. No entry to Battlefield by the main gate off Lower Lode Lane.
If you are staying on Sunday night; it’s £5 per sleeping tent; goes towards the extra facilities/wood etc.

All traffic turns left on exiting Lower Lode Lane. Yes, Left, towards Tewkesbury. This keeps traffic moving and the police and the locals happy.

Enjoy the Festival..

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

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