Oil be damned.....

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Oil be damned.....

Postby Pete the Pong » Tue Feb 18, 2014 3:38 pm

Hi there,

I've decided not to bother with selling perfume oils, so if anyone is interested in buying my remaining stock them please pm me.

I have 98 bottles of 10 ml Tree of Life as follows:
Aphrodisia 10, Opium 6, Rose 2, Tibetan musk 20, White musk 7, Oriental musk 9, Sandalwood 17, Passion 6, Daisy 11, Lavender 9
Jasmine 1 plus 10 5ml bottles of Ganesha Nile ans 1 Jasmine.
Oh, and a 2 tier rack holding 24 bottles.

Yes -I firmly believe in the healing power of herbal remedies.
So much so that I insist on taking at least three or more pints of the Sacred Malted Medicine each and every night.

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