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Personal reccomendations

Postby AndyandHelen » Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:09 pm

Thought that I would pop down a personal reccomendation down for someone I have just finished a transaction with. The business is SPES Medieval Market also known as Lady Malina, although its Michal Gracki who will usually be your contact. These guys make some real eye candy. The website is very attractively laid out and the items shown are very appetising. Now having ordered from them I can promise you that they are as good as they look, if not even better in the flesh. I had ordered some items mainly for Helen in December majority hand sewn and now in March here they are with me in not so sunny Guernsey. Here's my rating of the items.
Hood in an attractive light green with bronze buttons, lined with black linen. Hand sewn, Helen loves this already. Spot on item, very well made, can see this lasting years.
Apron , hand sewn linen, this is the over the head smock type. Again well made, lovely piece.
Shift on the website called a tightness (also handsewn) Helen was at first worried that it was rather tight but then found it actually fitted like a glove, it is so well made its as if the tailoress had made it on Helens body. Again highly recommended.
2 pairs of suspenders, only have to make the holes and jobs a good one. Well made, lovely buckles and stamped detail.
Assorted sundries such as sacks, pots of grease, washing kit, sewing kit, coral headed pins etc. again all as specified and all lovely quality all quite authentic and made to a high standard, we even could see evidence of quality assurance as there was a check document left on one garment! It seems everything that is made goes through quite a thorough QA programme so congrats on that!
Communication throughout the process was friendly and first rate. So there you go, a very positive customer experience with top notch kit resulting from the transaction. Will we be buying from then again? You betcha!!!!

Posts: 252
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Re: Personal reccomendations

Postby AndyandHelen » Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:22 pm

This is a review for MATULS also from Poland.

I placed an order towards the end of December and had the pleasure of receiving it today. The order was for the following items,
A doublet
A pair of hose
A leather cargo satchel bag
A capitesca style hat
Several points
A chopping board

I then complicated matters somewhat by ordering a rondel helmet in March....

On to the items,
The doublet is handstitched with handmade buttons down the arm. The fit is incredible, the look and silhouette as a result are as great. The hose fit directly to the doublet and you end up with me as the Hungarian flag (red doublet and green hose) . The leather bag, well I think its about equal in quality to the mighty Karl Robinson so what more can you say than that? I'd say that's pretty good? The points i got are wool braiding and very solidly made ideal for holding me together! The chopping board is far bigger than the pics might suggest, boy its a beast! But fantastic!
All in all highly recommended!!!!!!
Finally the helmet. If I was an armourer in the UK I would be worried. VERY nice, proper padding too. Cracking piece in fact, even better when you consider that a crappy helmet could cost you about the same, so why on earth do it? Order a decent one like Matuls.

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