SLAUGHTERBRIDGE 2013 27-28 JUL-3-4A UG back-to-back events

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SLAUGHTERBRIDGE 2013 27-28 JUL-3-4A UG back-to-back events

Postby Kernow Levy » Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:04 am

The Kernow Levy, Joe Parsons and North Cornwall Heritage invite you to two back-to-back Early to Late Medieval events at the Arthurian Centre, on 27-28 July and 3-4 August. The first, hosted by the Kernow Levy, is to coincide with the British Festival of Archaeology Week, which also involves the active on-site dig at the original village, hence the time range. There are LH, traders, displays, falconry, archery & have a go, archaeology, two skirmishes a day, hot food, beer tent, children’s’ play area. The second, hosted by Joe Parsons, relates to the same local history (skirmish for this one is dependant on numbers, but there will be attractions though). We would love to hear from all groups, traders, displays, individuals and any other participants – especially combabtants - who have *accurate C6th-C15th kit standard* for these events.

As the shows are small but growing, we have arranged the weekends back-to back to enable a near-free holiday to offset expenditure. This is a benefit to all participants because both events are in the summer holidays and will cost less than one night on a high-seaon site for the whole 12 days (tbc)! Camping is available from 12pm on Thursday 25th July to 12pm on the second Monday 5th August and both weekends will bring the same amount of public footfall. For those staying any four nights or more, there is a nominal charge to cover the costs of the amenities. Also (I whisper)... there are onsite showers and porcelain! As last year, there is no pitch fee – just a minimum contribution of around £7 per weekend for traders (tbc); or free for the interactive displays, selling your wares/goes throughout the weekend in return.

For reference, last year, we were supported by: Bernie the Bolt, Stagman Creations, Time Warrior, Noctule, Tudor Seal, Bohemia Beauty, Ye Olde Hedgewitch, Duke Henry, Aquarius, Wyrd Sister, Victoria Macleod, Scoppa; Golden Arrow Archery, Ancient days & Ways, Albion Falconry, Trouvere, Story Teller. British Time Travellers, Ian Wilson. Members of the following groups/LH: Kernow Levy (of course!), Cheney Household, Order of the Griffin, BPAS, PMS, DMCA, Age of Chivalry, An Kernow, Company of the Black Serpent, Courteneyes, Sutton Household, the Crows, the Stags (both UK and Germany), West Essexes, Black Crusade, Brigantia; authenty and plastic, childrens' entertainment, food & bar...hope I haven't missed anyone off!

Booking in for either event is via the Events Secretary; please provide a valid email so the forms can be sent, to (no gaps, write correctly): heb urbec k@ gmai1.c0m, or on Facebook at Aitch Burbeck. The Facebook page link is:!/events/5617 ... 1/?fref=ts

Please share these events and let others know, thanks. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Slaughterbridge is still on 28-29 July and 11-12 August 2012

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