On behalf of Mr Shadrake - Trading Opportunity

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On behalf of Mr Shadrake - Trading Opportunity

Postby strumpet » Tue Apr 11, 2006 8:17 am

Where: Georges Yard shopping centre - Braintree Essex
When: 24th June.
Why: We (Britannia) have a gladiator show on the 25th June (Sunday), you are welcome to trade at this too (but that involves trading in the open air).

When the management at Georges Yard found out we were performing they asked if we could bring traders down to sell Roman/ancient items in their shopping centre.

The original client who booked us for the Sunday event was reluctant to split the event up, so the shopping centre asked them (original client) and us, if we could set up an ancient style market in their rather upmarket area on Saturday 24th (the middle yard has a glass roofed centre section under which traders can set up).

The shopping area is very posh looking and is a large triangunlar shape, built exactly over the tiny triangular Roman settlement that became Braintree... hence the Roman theme (actually any 'ancient-themed' trader will do).

No fee to pitch!

Are you a trader?

Want to flog your wares on that day?
(You can trade on the Sunday too, across the road at our gladiatorial show)

If so... Let me know:

If you can attend
What you want to sell

Dan (via www.durolitum.co.uk)

Strumps xxx

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