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English Heritage have confirmed FoH 2012. .........14/15 July!

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lucy the tudor
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Re: Tewkes/Kelmarsh

Post by lucy the tudor »

oh! :?

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Re: Tewkes/Kelmarsh

Post by guthrie »

Admittedly Tewks seems a little late, but at least in my period of late medieval, you basically have identical traders at both and a great deal of overlap with groups.

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Re: Tewkes/Kelmarsh

Post by Martin »

aw pants that sucks, we love doing Tewks together (me n Suzie) cos so many chums are there but Kelmarsh is a big earner, we will have to do a stall at each but its a bit of a b**ger :|
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Re: Tewkes/Kelmarsh

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Such an *rse, as 2012 is the first year I have a group at Kelmarsh to join :/
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