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New trader

Post by LizaTownsend »

Hi, I'm hoping to become a trader at some of the living history events.
I make stained glass in the traditional way and am looking for any advice really.
From where to get event info, traders tent and do's and dont's.
I do farmers markets and local craft fairs and am fed up with all the tack.
I love the medieval era and have some good costumes, am particularly good at
toothless hag ! as well as more glam.
I'm based in Kent, but could travel.
Any advice welcome

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Re: New trader

Post by sally »

Would love to hear more about your stained glass set-up. What sort of kiln do you use to vitrify the colours? I'ev always been fascinated by the descriptions of working with stained glass in Cennini and other early artists texts, how exciting to have someone trying to recreate the traditional methods rather than just using bought coloured glass.

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paul bennett
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Re: New trader

Post by paul bennett »

Right here is the best place for info. If you can do demonstrations then many event organisers would want you at their shows.

For tents, the buy and sell forum and Ebay are your best bets. New tents are quite expensive.

If you are new to re-enactment or historical trading, come along to the ILHF at the end of the month for a good idea of peoples set-ups and to make contacts.
Bespoke and off-the-shelf furniture, games and weaponry for living history

Chris T
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Re: New trader

Post by Chris T »

To work up a 'demonstrator' role you will need to be able to work not only in a period style, but with period tools and equipment. This is not easy, but does mean that you are in with a good chance of being payed to go to events, rather than being charged a fee: the difference between being charged £75 pounds and paying your fuel and the reverse is obvious!

Another important thing is to have a range of inexpensive things which appeal to re-enactors and a range which appeal to the public. I find the small items are vital, as there are some events where you simply make no significant sales (say over £50 for a single item), but if you have small things you can still do OK: the alternative is a take of £0! Some events are mostly or all re-enactors, some mostly public, so you should try to pick your events to suit your stock, and visa versa.

It is also important to be aware of the variation in out for the details which can trip you up, such as sites where you cannot, or are not allowed, to use tent pegs, sites with no overnight security and the odd 'Catch 22' organiser (no overnight camping /parking, but no van access between 6am and 6pm!!!)

It is also important to try to balance your event list: too many and you have no energy to engage with the customers and no time to make stock, too few and your fixed costs (insurance, van etc) are too important a part of each event.

I would recomend joining the NMTF historical section.....

Having said all this, I hope I am not teaching my grandmother (so to speak)......and whether I am the right person to advise others on trading is another question altogether!

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Re: New trader

Post by plantychrisb »

Hi Liza
hava PM'd you


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