tewkesbury 2011

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tewkesbury 2011

Post by hamster »

can you please forward this to your friends who are not on here as sent via tewkesbury traders e-mail and lots have bounced back as not at this address etc

with the end of the season 2010 approching fast can i please ask that you take a photo of your stall incl stock you sell as we have changed the person who will be dealing with traders in 2011 , having gone through the files we note that most have refrence back to previously sent photos etc but they will not have acess to those files . so please can you take a photo to help with stall placements etc for next year, between now and january the e-mail replys maybe sparadic , also if you change your e-mail please let us know
many thanks for your help in this
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Re: tewkesbury 2011

Post by fensleather »

Having never done tewksbury before id like to ask how can i apply for a trading pitch without internet? at the moment i only have internet on my phone + trying to get on the computer in library well that should come with a health warning! + until i find a dongle that works in our area we are pretty much stuffd! please advise many thanx
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Re: tewkesbury 2011

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You can pop around to my place & use my comp :thumbup:
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