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Re: New Trader

Post by Skevmeister »

I concur with Fox, I dont think that you have been given a hard time you asked for criticism and to steal the phrase from the Rocky Horror Picture Show "And you shall have it in abundance".

There are a lot of very skilled and learned IT, and retail people on this forum; and they have given you some of their best advice.

The topic has wandered as I can see it because of the inclarity of your responses, and that is something that you need to address. You will be your own worst enemy if people do not trust you. So any response that you post needs to be properly thought through. As with the legalities of your site, they need to be propelry addressed and covered off. Many re-enactors have been 'burned' and are very wary so a good solid reputation is key to your success. And if you do not trade at fairs; your only way of doing this is by the represention you make of yourself on the website.
ion that
So I would take the criticism on the chin, address the source of your pictures, by assigning them to the proper copyright owners. And remember that just because teh pictures doesn't say copyright if its not yours then the copyright is implicitly the owners. So you should make sure that you don't open yourself to litigation that way either.


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Re: New Trader

Post by Badger »

Tell you what pop in and see me in my shop, just up the road in burton.
Might have a few more lines, I am now moving slowly into wholesale as well.


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Re: New Trader

Post by Neibelungen »

It's worth having a good look at Badger's shop site in comparison to Steve, as you can see a good example of how to do things.

Most items have the manufacturer listed in the description, so you know that it's coming from a specific source. It doesn't imply that it's being made by yourself, which avoids the risk that people assume you have made it.

His terms and conditions and delivery pages lay out exactly what it will cost you and what his charges are, and are available right from the start before you buy anything should you need to check.

He defines his terms quite well, explains in plain english what your rights are and what terms he wishes to add without infringing your owm legal rights. He makes quite clear that they cannot over-ride them as well.

He outlines a return proceedure and a telephone number explicitely for any problems, plus clearly tells you about postage refunds.

He offers reasonable information about caring for your goods and storing them and outlines what he will and won't accept as reasonable use.
Note, he asks for packaging to be returned but doesn't make it a condition. Nobody is obligated to actually keep packaging, but it helps to ask them too.

Very good point is his section on acceptance of order. He makes it clear that although you might have placed an order, untill he writes back confirming it, it's not an acceptance. He also clearly stated a delivery timescale and framework between ordering and posting.
He makes clear that exact images and details may vary from the illustated example. Very usefull touch.
Plus he explicitely makes it clear he's applying english law to his orders. It tells you where your buying from and lets you have the information to discover the applicable legislation.

All in all it's a good standard and clearly set out and available to the customer all the time from the start. Pretty much in clear legible english too, and not bound in legalesse, which is important for clarity.

It might not make everything enforcable in a court, but it goes a long way to showing your taking a reasable care and duty towards any customers.
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Re: New Trader

Post by Pete the Pong »

The main thing to remember that this is "friendly fire" :?
Where you resell good bought from a wholesaler (or a manafacturer) you are in direct competition price wise from anyone else who knows the same source. When you produce your own goods, its very simple. You charge what you know it's worth to the customer! No-one should complain about that.
But there are legal issues around a web site! It's important to know what they are!!!!
But at the end of the day, trading is great fun!
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Re: New Trader

Post by CFury »

I agree with pretty much everything posted so far, especially the advice about checking your retail law. It seems like the easiest thing in the world to set up an online store, but the myriad terms and conditions (that are there to protect consumers and retailers equally, lets remember) mean that it can be an absolute minefield. I'm sure there are plenty of unscrupulous people out there savvy enough to troll through online stores looking for just the kind of mistakes you have made, and then screwing retailers over. A scam I remember from working in retail (in a very large entertainment store no longer with us) would be to sell an item in the airport branches for a massive mark up ('cos the businessmen would buy them whatever they cost) and then sell them in the high street for just about cost, but then use the inflated airport price as the 'was' price. They could get away with this because they had a large team of lawyers employed specifically to spot loopholes like these, most of us don't. I think the biggest lesson to pick up from this is always be honest, because ordinary people can't afford to get caught out... Also I'd advise you to invest in a book on web design, and make your own... I'm always sceptical of sites built from templates.

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