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Re: Anyone trading at the Bishops Palace in December

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:09 pm
by boblad
No martin i didnt think you were having a go, i was just giving my experience of the markets i have attended and how i see it. Chas had had a right go at him from another `historic` trader from the public side last year and i thought he needed the support. i was also trying to give the picture of the market to those who had neither attended or perhaps those who thought Chas was not doing enough. I am returning this year because i thought that it ran well and the help from chas was very greatful, beleive you me the public side is hell, accomodation to pay for, parking on the park and ride to get in and the ease of breaking down at the end. As o say i will be attending with an open mind and will try to do my bit as far as i can (i on my own though so it will be limited to what i can do)

Re: Anyone trading at the Bishops Palace in December

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:38 am
by Graham Cooley
We took the decision not to trade at this years market. This is for several reasons but one of them was the proposal that they were expecting more visitors this year. We thought that if you get even more visitors then the press will be so great that our sales would be down. For example last year on the Saturday the hall at the bottom was packed but the public were not able to see what we had or stop and purchase. There is a limit to how many public you want to find the bishops palace.

The event should be supported as it is a really good opportunity but it should be kept as the hidden gem so those who are actually interested find the medieval market.

Re: Anyone trading at the Bishops Palace in December

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:38 pm
by Martin
This year Im setting up the smoking demo and also doing cooking demos making gravlax etc, that way (hopefully) people will have things to watch which (fingers crossed) will bring people in but with things to see etc they may loiter more and if there is a crowd indoors they may hang around and go in when its quieter lol :)

Re: Anyone trading at the Bishops Palace in December

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:03 pm
by Hinny Annie
Chas did a great job last year and the place was packed he had the local radio and at least one local newspaper was there, I agree Thursday was quiet but so was the general market and I understood that thursdays was for the locals, on the other days I think they would have struggled to get anymore people in through the gateand it would have been a pointless exercise if it was so packed nobody could get near your stock to have a look, gerald was out there calling the people in and I understand he was asked this year but decided not to as standing in the snow cant have been any fun and although he thinks he is still 20 he isnt, so a clanky is probably a good idea

Re: Anyone trading at the Bishops Palace in December

Posted: Sat Dec 05, 2009 7:03 pm
by Gerald ye Herald
Good Luck this year folks ( Re Geralds not Here ) My Son And I worked our backsides off last year, he was on the loud hailer
while I blew my horn and Re directed folks Back to the BP as they were all going tuther way.

4 days is a heaving sea of humanity is no mean job and wore me out in more ways than you' ll ever know!.
My son was like a pro too but still had throat problems for few days after.
We never did get thanked by EH and it took them while April to pay me ( Long Story ).

Never again.

Re: Anyone trading at the Bishops Palace in December

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:04 am
by boblad
Many thanks for last year gerald you did a sterling job, from a trader who did last year nand is writing this on a Saturday evening at Lincoln. Your work last year paid off because we have had repeat visitors this year. Trading is good and I haqve an empty stall. Sorry about late payment from EH, but its out of traders hands.
Hope that it hasn't left a sour taste in your mouth.
One again many thanks

Re: Anyone trading at the Bishops Palace in December

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:35 am
by Gerald ye Herald
Boblad many thanks for your appreciation and I'm pleased we made an impact.
As regards other issues I in no way blame traders for those.
Its water under the bridge and a lesson learned, but it was and interesting insight
as regards humanity and the good and badside of it.

Attitudes varied the best ones with the day time visitors, after dark its a case of watch who you try to talk to! People in costumes seem to scare many and others think your weird.
Rudeness abounded! social etiquet no longer exists with many.

On the goodside strangers bought us mulled wine including bonnacon and Julia, it was much
appreciated and soothed our vocal chords. Funny banter with many who admired us and came back to say how much they enjoyed the market, thanking us for all the info and directions.

We did get to see you guys briefly and find you were pleased with our efforts.
That made it all worthwhile and we travelled back home with a smile of satisfaction :)

Re: Anyone trading at the Bishops Palace in December

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:34 pm
by bonnacon
Gerald - you both needed and deserved some sort of practical appreciation whilst on the job last year :roll: and on many occasions hot mulled wine has hit the mark with me so that was the least we could to for 2 m8s !! We later saw the knackered, bedraggled and wet through specimens that you turned into as the evening wore on and yet heard you speak about the pride and willingness-to-help that characterises so much of what you do - - - so we were doubly glad !!

Martin - thankyou for the cheeses and the story! Generosity and entertainment in one brief visit. Both made us smile broadly that evening..... :D

Pete the Pong and Gracia - always a pleasure and so glad that on the saturday at least things appeared to be going busily!

Dave the Moneyer - great to meet and speak in the flesh - you have a wonderful mouse too!

and Skevvy..... oh Skevvy........ b**ger ....we passed you in your black and white finery on our way to the Palace saturday afternoon but didnt know it was you until we spoke to Pete the Pong a few minutes later. We came outside and searched but you were obviously off on your travels and we misssed you. It would have been lovely to have met in person but that now waits for another time.

As a punter we found the market as colourful and crowded as ever, so our best wishes to all the traders.

Re: Anyone trading at the Bishops Palace in December

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:41 pm
by Gerald ye Herald
Dear B & J your company and much appreciated liquid refreshment last year was most uplifting as usual. :*
A big thanks for allowing us to use your premises to dryout our bits n pieces :o
But I must emphasise there were many other willing/brave souls out there doing their utmost to 'persuade'
the mops into the BPMM. So they also should be praised for their gallant efforts. :thumbup:

No doubt they have also done a stirling job this year too! :wink:

Regards GYH