Unreasonable demands ???

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J.Watson / Anmod Dracan
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Unreasonable demands ???

Post by J.Watson / Anmod Dracan »

A well
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Post by Shadowcat »

I have worked for several national organisations, and have never been asked to fill in that kind of questionaire. I would suggest that you fill in what you feel comfortable with, and return the form with a covering letter saying that you haven't had to do it before, and you sure as heck ain't going to do it this time.

Frankly, I feel that the questions they ask are intrusive and none of their business, and if they don't like it, they can take their order elsewhere.


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Kate Tiler
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They're just trying to make sure that they aren't liable for employer's tax & N.I. !

I know how you feel though - some of the people I work for for a day know more about me than my Mother!
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Eric the well read
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If you can afford to wait for a while for payment ? Make them work for it .
a) Ask for their data protection statement . Ask them to elucidate any thing that's not clear.
b) Ask them why they need the information as none of it should make any difference now the goods have been ordered and would only make a difference at point of ordering.
b)Ask for their privacy compliance document .
Query anything that is not clear or in plain English.
If they don't have one, ask why not? This of course will make them employ someone to write it which will increase employment, which I think is the point in the first place.
If they complain about the amount of extra work- reciprocate.
Oh, and add the small firms payment clause to your invoices - if it's not there all ready.

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J.Watson / Anmod Dracan
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Post by J.Watson / Anmod Dracan »

Thanks guys

I had a feeling that others would have the same view as I do on this.

Frankly I don't need one shields worth of business that badly!


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paul bennett
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Looks very much like a liability limitation exercise. They want to be clear that they cannot be seen as your employer. You have nothing to loose by filling it in, just do it at your leisure and get a counter assurance as Eric said.

We have something like this at the day job called a vendor assessment questionnaire. What you will find is that these sorts of things tend to act as a pre-qual for being considered for work.
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Post by Nigel »

When Debs became a supplier to a similat organisation we had to fill in something similar. We did and the process for receiving payment is very smooth and of course once you're set up you're set up
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Post by gregory23b »

Personally I would accept this as normal for certain bodies, you become part of their supplier database, which means payment is quick and smooth (ideally). If you want work with certain local authorities, historic buildings then this is what you can expect as it covers them and allows for quick resolution of payment.

I know of one supplier to a heritage site that refused to supply invoices and wondered why they did not get paid.

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Post by Teagirl »

We've supplied beads to several different organisations, each one has given us a form to fill out if we want to receive regular payments via direct deposit (one was a form attached to the cheque), but none of them were as intrusive as the OP's description.

Once the details of payment are in the system, payment does get processed smoothly, which is nice. Usually it's 30 days from date of invoice, but that might mean from time invoice gets processed in the office rather than the date sent to the buyers.
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