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New to Trading

Post by LadyL »

Hi all,

I've been directed to this forum following my first ever trading event last weekend at Elsecar Heritage Centre nr Barnsley. This is basically a post to introduce myself & my business.

I'm located in Lancashire & run a small family business catering for LRP, Medieval, Themed & Outdoor events. Typically we cater out of a marquee tent offering hot, homemade wholesome food at reasonable prices. Burgers & chips are not on the menu!

Sample foods include:
Spiced pumpkin, bean & vegetable soup,
Chestnut soup with dragon tail (bread with a sausage cooked in the middle),
Otik's spiced potatoes,
Mexican chilli,
Corned beef hash
Hot roast pork in a bun with apple sauce & stuffing
Black peas
Viking porridge

We generally serve tea & coffee (made with real tea bags & not instant tea!) as well as hot blackcurrant and fruit teas.

We also brew & sell mulled wine, offer a full spit roast pig service and full scale medieval style banquets for up to 200 people. More details can be found through on ourwebsite (which is being updated slowly!)

Hopefully I'll be able to trade at some of the forthcoming fairs listed on this forum.

Kind regards
Rachael Reddy
Event Catering Services
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Steve Stocker
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Post by Steve Stocker »

Welcome Lady L,
It was very good of you to send someone around the stalls asking if traders wanted drinks - I am sometimes trading alone and that sort of attention to detail is always welcome.
Keep up the good work.
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Post by Martin »

Yep ,seconded, it was also cracking food, I like Elsecar alot, great venue but the only catering there is chips, burger n chips, sausage n chips, which can be a bit crap if you dont want chips :D , having proper corned beef hash 'n' mushy pea's was like a dream :D , I woul contact other reenacmtent organisors as its great having an option thats not fried, for a while there were som cracking caterers on the scene but many have had to give up cos of bad weather combines with ingredients costs going through the roof.
good luck for next year hon :D
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lucy the tudor
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Post by lucy the tudor »

Sounds great, welcome to the circuit, real food is always a bonus- there are only so many burgers you can eat in a season...
Hope to see you out and about next year.
Lucy :D

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Hinny Annie
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Post by Hinny Annie »

can also recommend the corned beef hash and mushy peas. Mulled wine was rather nice too
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