advice for my pig's head please....

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advice for my pig's head please....

Post by The Gingerbread Lady »

I am so excited I am about to set off to collect a large pig's head, which I am going to cook and gild.

It's going to be a display piece for Northern Restaurant and Bar show in Manchester on Monday and for Boot Camp.

It's not intended to be eaten, just to show folk and hopefully get some orders. My concern is whether it will go mouldy or not - do I cook it on a low oven for hours n hours so its tough as old boots and therefore less likely to go orf?

Any helpful advice would be gratefully received :lol:
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Post by chrisanson »

we did one for yule a few years back. as i remember we glazed it with hony and put it on over night on low

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Post by sally »

if you arent eating it, cook it for ages and ages, really dry it out as much as possible, but you will still only have a couple of days without refrigeration before it really starts to whiff, remember the brains are still in there, and they turn pretty fast. Its pork, so gone off pork is pretty unpleasant- if you can possibly refrigerate it between cooking and display it will be so much nicer

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