Buzzard Cake

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Buzzard Cake

Post by KatP »

No, really! And not (at least so I hope) made from Buzzards.

An acquaintance of my dad's (acquired through his exhaustive construction of our family history - I believe he's traced some bits back to the Elizabethan period amazingly!) has found reference to this in some diaries from the first world war tenches.

Some googling on the part of dad has found 4 other references in an extract from Scott's last expedition and three Victorian novels by female authors:
Wayfaring Men by Edna Lyall (copyright 1896), The Workaday Woman by Violet Hunt (1906) (by all accounts quite a racy lady!) and When the Birds began to sing by Winfred Graham (pub 1897).

I have further details on the references in some notes written up by dad if they might be of help.

It would appear from the time of writing of the books, that buzzard cake was reasonably well know at the time, so it's likely to be a Victorian, or slightly earlier, recipe. It obviously travelled fairly well, having made it to the WW1 trenches and been taken on an expedition, so may be a type of fruit cake.

At this point he hit a brick wall, and now it's thoroughly annoying him that he doesn't know what buzzard cake is (I suspect he wants to make one), so he's asked me. And now it's annoying me that I don't know! Can anyone help?

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Post by nutmeg_bec »

From Leighton Buzzard; like Eccles cake perhaps?

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Post by Merlon. »

A search on Google indicates its some form of meat pie, no details but it described as:-

"that weird species of meat pie known as "Buzzard cake?" "
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Post by Hraefn »

Roadkill pie.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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Post by Theotherone »

Erm, what "class" of diary - there was a Buzzards store in the West End of London

The cake at this 1889 Wedding is reported as being from them (worth a read for the style alone)

As was the cake for Mrs Davis 21st in "about" 1942 ... 4457.shtml

So they were obviously around for a while
Because there would have to be three of them.

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Re: Buzzard Cake

Post by Rachel »

Here's a clue regarding buzzard cakes -
In a letter from an English soldier to his mother from Solan, India in 1899, I read:
"Buzzard cakes and cream sound scrumptious. Oddly enough I had the letter in which you mentioned them immediately after returning from a 38 mile ride, and the day boiling hot - imagine how I felt!"

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