Expanding lunch

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Expanding lunch

Post by Spurious »

I've been reading through this board and other sources in an attempt to work out something more interesting to eat for lunch during shows (Typically the War of the Roses as a dateline), without actually cooking anything at the time (not being able to afford a proper cooking set yet, so following the proper route of a decent sized cooked meal is not possible for the moment).
Whilst the traditional bread, cheese and meat is nice, is has become a bit repetitive and dull, compared to what I'm sure can be done to expand liven up this meal.

So, whats horribly wrong with the following ideas?
Pickled onions, and possibly pickled garlic to add in for some extra flavour, raw but fresh Onion and garlic used in a similar way.
Hard boiled eggs, cooked in the morning for use later (we do have a modern camp cooker that myself and my tent-sharers use for breakfast and evening meals).

Along this line of thought, is mustard ok, if so, what types? What other types of pickles or raw vegetables can be added? Any suggestions and ideas to help easily expand this are greatly appreciated.

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Post by matlot »

there is a book called pleyn delit
which has medieval recipies inclueing a french one for mushroom pasties
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