Reenactment traveling to Europe post March 2019

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Reenactment traveling to Europe post March 2019

Post by Brendan C »

Hi all

My apologies if this question shows a lack of knowledge, but I hope people can help

Many UK reenactors travel to Europe to events, and have done for decades. Will changes due to the Brexit situation change how that is done at present at all?

Personally, I have no idea what the current rules regarding the transportation of reenactment weapons, gunpowder, blades, equipment etc are at present; am assuming the UK and Europe are all working under the same guideline (again, forgive me if I am wrong).

Is that likely to change post March, or does no one know as yet? Am assuming any changes will also be felt by European reenctors heading over here for shows like Herstmonceux Castle and Hastings.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Reenactment traveling to Europe post March 2019

Post by knirirr »

Here's one article relating to firearms: ... rexit-deal

I'm not sure about black powder, though - usually this has always been supplied on site when I've travelled to European events. Blanks for more modern weapons (e.g. WW1) are not normally permitted at these events so there's no need to bring any.

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