Interacting with MOPS?

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Interacting with MOPS?

Post by SteveC »

In the spirit of cal's post here, this is my post for October.

My group were recently at a village event, basically a large fete but with a bit of re-enactment added. We use a corner of the car-park field for a living history display and do a couple of drill displays and the like as part of the main event. It's actually a much better event than that makes it sound.

As we were packing up this year, one of the organisers came up to us and was being very enthusiastic about our display. She said it was much better than the previous year where the re-enactors were roped off from the public and people couldn't go and see what they were doing in their tents and so on. They could see in, but not get close, not like the 'naughty' space most of us need to hide the modern stuff.
Now the major enjoyment I get from the hobby is talking to the public and explaining what we do, so I found this a bit weird.
Is anyone here part of a group who behave like that? If so, what's the logic/thinking behind it? I'm not intending to criticise, there are different ways of doing things and of enjoying the hobby; I'd just like to know.

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Re: Interacting with MOPS?

Post by 40/- freeholder »

I'm happy to talk to MOPS if they initiate the interaction, on an Enquire Within basis. What I don't do, because I don't like being on the receiving end, is the Ancient Mariner approach.
I have eyes to see and a civil tongue in my head, so I expect the same from my audience.

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Re: Interacting with MOPS?

Post by Ne'erdowell »

Interacting with the public is a basic part of the hobby and I've never heard of any reenactment group who refuse to do so. If reenactors rope off their display, it isn't to put a barrier between them and the public, it is to put a barrier between their stuff and the public. Some groups like to give MoPs and their kids an opportunity to actually handle anything they may have in their display, tools, pieces of clothing, bits of armour, weapons, whatever. Other groups don't share that approach and prefer MoPs not to pick up and finger (and break) their stuff without asking first. They may want to use some rope, so they don't have to play museum attendant and tell people off all the time.

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Re: Interacting with MOPS?

Post by Henri De Ceredigion »

If I am ever lucky to actually be able to attend an event and someone comes up to me and asks me what I am, I am only to happy to explain that I am a gentleman of the Caroline era (doffing my hat as I do so), explain what the Caroline era is, some of the things that I would normally do and just generally have a natter with them.

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