Can you be chivalrous for saying "I am chivalrous"?

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Can you be chivalrous for saying "I am chivalrous"?

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Now I have everything I need to be a Stuart gentleman (if you will excuse the toy rapier that is) I am now starting to delve deeper into the Stuart era and find myself asking the above question. It was prompted by a programme on the Tiny Pop channel (as I was flicking through them trying to find something that wasn't about snow and ice) where the lead character's friend was dressed as a knight and explained that because it was a long word he assumed that all knights were chivalrous. Well, said character has the ultimate tablet and so summoned up a Middle Ages knight who declared "Fair maiden, behold your knight in shining armour. I have come to your rescue and on thine honour I shall capture the ferocious dragon!" to which the lead character said "No thanks, we're good" and then asked her question to which the knight replied:

"We knights do many a deed, we're adventurous, honourable, incredibly brave and always put the needs of others before our own!"

Now that is precisely what I believe my Stuart gentleman to be. He's adventuring to become a French Musketeer, is always honourable to the nth degree, is always doing things for other people and whilst not brave all the time will willingly do something even if it is a little dangerous, but it makes me ask "If he admits that he is chivalrous, then is that not being chivalrous at the same time?"

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