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Fabri Armorum (Jiri Krondak) Feather Sword Blade Type

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:31 pm
by lambton314
Hi all,

I'm interested in getting a sword made by Fabri Armorum and just wanted to ask here if anyone had experience with their 'feather' blades. I own a longsword by them which I think is their 'slim' variant and I absolutely love it.

My main concern is with how well these 'feather' blades hold up in combat (do they burr too easily and so on). I regularly do blade-on-blade re-enactment combat and am wondering if such a blade would be suitable, or if it would be better to go for the 'slim' variant.

Would be great to hear from someone with experience of the feather blades.

Any advice welcomed, thanks in advance for your help!