No 'what I am going to buy at TORM' thread?

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No 'what I am going to buy at TORM' thread?

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We seemed to have missed out on the usual 'TORM intentions' thread, so here are some comments about it, after the event, instead.

In a change for us, we stayed over with some friends who live only an hour away, so were able to be at Ruyton by about 9.15.
That, of course, meant we were queueing before the doors opened and had the luxury of being able to wander around before the crowds arrived.
By the time we'd acquired enough stuff that a trip back to the car was needed, the queue was all the way across the carpark, and it was still that long the next time I popped back to the car about half an hour later.
We were all done and dusted by about one, which meant, even taking our friend home first, we were back in Somerset by six.
As for purchases, we've got medieval kit to wear to Ludlow Christmas Fair in a fortnight, some pewter plates, a nice wooden box to keep our collection of spices in, a grate for regimental fire basket, and some bits and pieces.
Not a bad day at all.

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