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Archery and paricipation at events

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:43 pm
by Barter
THIS IS ALSO POSTED IN THE 1100 - 1500 'Period' folder

Following discussions with people who are hoping to forming a new group - we have a query about including archery into an event. We are presuming that the 'Public Liability' insurance would cover the general demonstrating of archery skills but can someone let us know if there is a 'governing' body with the rules & regulations that covers 'Have - a - Go' archery at re-enactment events and more importantly re-enactors participating in Medieval style competitions? We are fully aware of the rules and regulation of Archery GB for target archery etc. but re-enacting archery is not covered by them even if they are members.... any help / pointers would be appreciated!