Help guys !

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Help guys !

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Hello Brothers ! maybe you can help me.
I m Florian, I m 26 years old, im inlove with medieval times and animals, especially horses and dogs, i have a big collection of medieval collectibles backhome. i worked as an equestrian guide 6 years almost. going with the most 40 horses and tourists on the mountain
I can do horsestunts, i can shoot traditional bows very well, i can fight with medieval weapons, im helpfull in this kind of area and animals grooming, I m doing it good because its passion.
As in Romania, where i m from, medieval jousting and reenactment its not so well known, i ve worked alot to earn money to come in UK , where i tought its the place for this kind of passion. But i ll move to any country to do this
I m a man o principles and reliable as only a knight can be !
I m searching for job, or even volunteering if i have acommodation and food. in this area, medieval jousting, reenactment, i would live happy forever in a medieval museum village or settlement. I can send some photos if you want, and i ll answer to any question you want. You can change my life and earn a brother for life ! please think about this and let me know, Sorry for my bad english and thank you !

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