Received your email & am here.

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Le Loup
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Received your email & am here.

Post by Le Loup »

Thanks for the email reminder. Just a quick observation. You are trying to attract more people to Living History, something I have been doing globally for over 40 years. But I notice the lack of interaction on this forum. Some of my posts from way back have still received no comments. Now I don't think my posts/articles/videos are bad enough to warrant no comments at all, & my posts are not the only ones not to have received comments. May I suggest that this promotion starts AT HOME!
If what I am posting is not what members want to see, perhaps we could ask members just exactly what it is they do want to see on this forum. IF no matter what is posted there is going to be a lack of participation, then we have a problem.
Regards, Keith.
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Annie the Arrow
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Re: Received your email & am here.

Post by Annie the Arrow »

Actually your info posts are actually exactly what people want to see. For me personally I am not sure I would want to start a discussion, but I certainly would refer to them on several occassions.
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Boga Sceal Strale
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Re: Received your email & am here.

Post by SteveC »

Of course, this is one area where Facebook wins over a forum (and I'm speaking as someone who likes forums and in many ways prefers them to FB).
There's no 'like' button for people to say 'interesting stuff, thanks for posting' without cluttering things up with a load of posts which just say 'thanks'.

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Re: Received your email & am here.

Post by cal »

It is true that a lot of read interesting posts but have nothing to add to them.

It does feel sometimes like you are shouting into the wind because you get no response even though hundreds may have read the post.

I might look at some kind of "read by" counter or similar.

I also like the idea of a "like" button, I shall look into it.
Cal Tewkesbury - webmaster

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Re: Received your email & am here.

Post by lemonsherbet »

I also received your email!

I am one of those who rarely post but what I DO like about this site is the ability to search past posts for specific things that I'm interested in. I've searched for making butter, butter churns, weaving, yarn, dye, kirtles, clerical clothing etc etc and there is always something to read that comes up after searching. Some exactly what I've been after and others that have led me down a completely different avenue! There are so many knowledgeable people here wiling to share that's knowledge and experience.

I like to check the 'for sale' part too and have followed links to ebay and bought things that would otherwise escaped my notice :D

And I dip in and out of eras that aren't my main area of interest every now and again.

Sorry for simply lurking, I'll try to be more active in future!!!

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Re: Received your email & am here.

Post by madjon »

Transient presence, things have gone quiet on many lh fronts and periods in recent years, that and thee yoof like being hit in the face with books apparently, something I don't like, but the world moves on, with ref to me loup, would you like discussion on anything in particular? Tallow for damp proofing pans etc? With the different periods there is the advantage of having a period specific fori to post in, downside is if you aren't currently passing through that period, you don't always read all the posts,

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