Regional Markets - Thank You

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Regional Markets - Thank You

Post by Redders »

We've just experienced two of our busiest markets ever.
The South East (Ashford) and South West (Stretcholt) markets were absolutely awesome.
Whilst they weren't heated concrete halls, they were both very good sites with positive help/support from the owners.

Ashford was cold, it was a cold weekend. That didn't stop folk turning out in droves and proving the market was very much welcomed and needed.
Can't wait to return in October.

Stretcholt was the nicest so far. Lovely warm weekend, fantastic 'Buzz'. Again, swarmed all weekend. This was a return following last years success and it was way busier.
Looking forward to the return visit again.

Thanks to all the folk that helped make this a success for all the traders.
It takes folk to turn up, to make the market a success.
And that certainly happened.

Keep supporting the Regional markets and they'll keep bring the kit you need closer to your doors.
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Re: Regional Markets - Thank You

Post by yggdrasil »

I had a pitch at Stretcholt. though I am not a trader. I have decided to give up Living History after a very long time, and was selling off all my possessions. It was very successful, and every one was very friendly.
Thank you to you all

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Re: Regional Markets - Thank You

Post by Simon Atford »

We (the Company of Chivalry) had a stand for recruitment and promotion at Stretcholt. Really good way to get into the swing of the season before the first event proper at Easter.

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