Use Our Internet Relay Chat Channel (IRC) for faster answers

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Use Our Internet Relay Chat Channel (IRC) for faster answers

Postby His Grace, Duke Henry » Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:11 pm

Get your answers faster in Real Time... *

ANNOUNCEMENT: Internet Relay Chat Channel (IRC) Open Now

We now have a temporary Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Channel on Undernet.

  1. Use IRC already?
    Hit, and /join #livinghistory
  2. Chat? What is that?
    If you have never used "chat" programs on the internet, imagine seeing a screen where you can read and type messages to other people who are online with you, and see responses as they are typed in by others. If you imagine going into a room full of people and being able to talk to everyone and listen to everyone at the same time, you are on the right track.
  3. Internet Relay Chat?
    If you have used chat programs such as MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, etc. before, Internet Relay Chat (or IRC) will not have any surprises for you. You can connect to channels (also called "rooms"), with your browser or a IRC client program.

OK, How do you find #LivingHistory?
Simple - just click here

NOTE: Your browser may ask to install a plugin ("Java Runtime Environment") - allow this and the page will continue to load after the plugin has installed.
NON-WARNING: Your browser may issue a security certificate warning about the plugin, if you accept the certificate for now, the plugin will function.

The page you will have opened will have the following boxes in it. This will look like:

Full Name [Undernet Web Client]
{You can leave this as is}

Nickname [MyNick]
(Upto 16letters/numbers)
{Type in a name for yourself, how about the one you use on the LHF forum}

AlternateNick [ ]
(Upto 16letters/numbers)
{Type in a variant of the name for yourself, it may well be the name you have choosen is in use all ready}
:arrow: @TechieNote UnderNet does not support Nickserve or niok registration, don't bother looking for it@

Your Favourite Channel [ ]
{Type #livinghistory in the box}

Channel [#Newbies]
Another Canal
{#Newbies? What a give away! Click the "drop-down" box on the little black triangle button, and the "drop-down" list will appear. It will have a list of names each starting with a # and a grey scrollbar immediately to the right of them. Move the scrollbar by "dragging" it or clicking it, to reveal more #names. At the very end of the list is one without a # named "Another Canal", click on this one, it would read "Another Channel" but for incompetent coding and/or sloppy spelling.}

Server []
{Leave this alone for now}

Now click the [Connect] button.

And you are away!

Still buzzled? PM me here - happy to help.

* - you are still not guarenteed the correct answer...

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Postby behanner » Thu Oct 06, 2005 8:17 pm

Does anyone ever go in there?

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