Who do you think you are?

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Not sure about ancestors but have an author cousin, never met him, never read his book, we share the same surname, How late it was.
caveat <all above comments are opinions - any resemblance to facts alive or dead is entirely coincidental >

caveat inspired by a true caveat by Guthrie. ;-)


Who do I think I am?

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Well having traced back my surname ('Bass') line of the family ,i had a latin teacher at the grammer school in Mkt.Bosworth (yes THE Bosworth)before that they were all framework Knitters (so making hose should be a doddle). But although the famous Bass's of Burton upon Trent originally came from Hinckley where my family lived in the 18thC they obviously kept the beer to themselves(How did they know about our drinking habits in the beer tent?)Must be why i felt compelled to become a partner in a nightclub.
Most of my ancesters always had one foot in the workhouse. One grandad was a Fireman in the blitz, the other a chemist for Marconi, & a great grandad who was a signalman on the GWR(thats another gene that must be active with me working on the railway).Just think what my great ,great grandkids might think if they inadvertantly come across pics of us in kit ! '' did they have cameras in the 15thC?''!*!! lol

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ooops why did i come up as guest?? must have lost server during posting- or more likely ghosts of ancesters doing their bit!

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Who do you think you are

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I have done nearly everything on my family tree back as far as 1800, spilling back as far as 1760 in some areas. I now plan to crack the pre 1837 registration nut - I have a lot of spare time on my hands!

Currently most of my lot are the (allegedly Border Reiver) Olivers of Scotland, Cumbria and Ireland and the Harvey's of Lincolnshire.

However, I do have one saviour for our tree. My g-g-g-grandfather was a Venetian gondolier, valet to Lord Byron, then Benjamin Disraeli and finally valet to his father Isaac D'Israeli.

He ended up a doorman at the India Office and I died, I hope a happy man, in 1874. He is my hero....

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