Use of Horses in Re-enactment

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For all those quoting the gentleness of Moomin>

He was fine untill you tried to take him home. trying to get the great hulking brute back on the truck after a event was a 'mare.

Oh and he was a fiend for beer, leave a can or two around and he'd have 'em in a second. :)

My mothers shire on t'other hand can be quite a bolshy madam around feeding time. Somebody tried to steel her rug overnight a couple of weeks ago. They ran out of bribes half way through and fled when she twigged. Mostly they're a lovely gentle breed and as Cat sez not really nasty enough for a warhorse.
My old heavy hunter (long since dead) was more the type, allmost as tall as a shire but mean and fast with it. You hid mints from that one at your own peril.
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The worst I have ever done with my pony was a fall wehn he was being obstinate and bolted for home, he missed the road to the stables, or so I thought and recognized it alst minute. Make a 110° turn on cobbles is never a good idea and he slid on his side. I was lucky to land on my hip ( nice blue pink purple orange colored hip for a few weeks) And not underneath. I was so p*ssed at him that I didn't feel the pain unitl I got home.

all other bruises are small ones from falling on the slippery boards on teh dungheap, knocking my legs on trees and bushes and such...
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