Looking for Saxons reenactors (for a documentary series)

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Looking for Saxons reenactors (for a documentary series)

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I am a researcher working for a TV producer in Quebec, Canada. We are currently co-producing a documentary series about reenactors with France and have been allowed to film the Battle of Hastings coming in October.

The idea (of the shoot) is to interview a few reenactors on the spot (notably at the history camp) in order to cover various aspects such as the history of the battle, clothing, weapons, what it means in terms in involvement to be a reenactor, the way of life in 1066, etc.

I have been able to speak with a few Normans reenactors and I am now looking to speak with one or two reenactors of the English army.

Anyone interested? If so, you can contact me at mc.tremblay@pvp.ca.

I will be happy to give you further information about our series and what we intend to do.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

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