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Artemis Gathering 2016 (Banbury, 13th - 14th August)

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:51 pm
by SianHammerton-Fraser

I'm posting on behalf of the Children of Artemis as they're seeking a re-enactment group to provide some fun, family-friendly displays at the Artemis Gathering in Banbury on 13th - 14th August. The event is outdoors (held at a large Scout camp), aimed at families, with plenty of camping space, a beer tent and a fun laid-back atmosphere (more info here:

There is a budget available, although I can't confirm the details, and they're a lovely bunch so it would be great if we can help them. It's a fantastic little event and really enjoyable.

If you can help, please contact Dave: dave @ (remove spaces) ASAP.