Saying Good-Bye.

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Saying Good-Bye.

Post by WorkMonkey »

One of our lot died rather suddenly though somewhat expected about a month back. His family asked us to attend the funeral in kit, and we were given the privilidge to bear the coffin down the isle in procession. He was cremated, and we were given his ashes. A couple of weeks ago we built a small barrow at the ring fort, on a slight rise at the end of the land, looking down the valley, a chestnut tree was planted in the middle (the species of tree was relevent since he punched one at an event last year while drunk, fell over, and broke his leg) His ashes were interred, with his kit, into the mound. A small, moving ceremony was held with old norse poetry read out. We then got very drunk and par-tayed. Pictures courtesy of Chris Anson.

ImageIgnore the blue spade :roll:

Image The feast afterwards, with more cans of strongbow than a tramps cardboard box.

Obligitory "Ethel on the floor pic"

This picture was distorted by the insane amounts of "Metalllllllllllllllll" resonating from us.

And after we had danced, and sung, and drunk as much as we could...we all fell over.

The completed mound

And the man himself.

The End.

Farewell Thorfinn, I've no doubt our paths will cross again, but untill then, take care and give 'em hell, wherever you are.

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Post by craig1459 »

Sorry that these things happen to your friends but what a great send off you gave him. I'd like to be remembered in a similar fashion.
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Earl Mortimer
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Post by Earl Mortimer »

Ditto on last comment couldn't have put it better.
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Post by Thorlak »

Aye it was good weekend and a good Send Off

I'm sure hes having a good time wherever he is

And thats not fair I was taking my Lrg-bindings off!!!

Anyway a Drink to Thorfinn
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Post by Sir Fletcher Phelps »

I'm reading this at work with tears in my eyes.

You gave him a fitting send-off, one I'm sure we'd all appreciate when our time on this mortal coil comes to an end. You can be very proud of that - well done lads.
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Post by Lady Phoenix »

I'm the same as Fletch... well done all, what a fantastic send-off, a real celebration of his life. Brilliant.

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Post by Wiblick »

Moi aussi and everyone will vouch I'm not the teary sort, and of course I don't even know the guy, but such a lovely funeral.

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Post by Type16 »

What a great send off.
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Post by Bil »

Aye that sounded great, people today tend to forget that the wake is supposed to be an uplifting occasion, to selibrate the deceased and their life and achevments.

I'm sure that where ever he is, he was looking down nodding in approval.....I know I would!
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