Tewkesbury 2006

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mac (crucesignati)

Tewkesbury 2006

Post by mac (crucesignati) »

Here's a couple of shots from Sunday at Tewkers, I'll be uploading loads more tonight and over the next few days to this location:


Congrats to Plantaganet who organised what seemed to me to be a great show. Thanks to Matt Fields for the opportunity to use the spot I did for the shoot.

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Brendan C
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Post by Brendan C »

Great stuff

Brendan C

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Post Centurion
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Post by Cat »

Love the first one. And Sapper looking happy!
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Post by Bil »

Ooo very crisp piccies thanks for the link!
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the real lord duvet

Post by the real lord duvet »

I'd love to know what they were saying in no 8 of 33 on the link......

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Richard Meriton
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Post by Richard Meriton »

Thats me in the first one! And my body guard, thats about the only time we were next to each other as most of the time I found myself in a yorkist bill block.

mac (crucesignati)

Post by mac (crucesignati) »

The last load of pics have been uploaded to the album at the link above. Some special montages will be up there later this week.

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Post Centurion
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Post by craig1459 »

Check out number 46
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Post by tonw »

I like number 33

very atmospheric and what I imagine a line to look
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Frances Perry
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Post by Frances Perry »

Brilliant pictures - like the archers salute!!

Suddenly realised why everyone wants to be in the bill-line - you get into all the pictures!!

Just you wait - archer skirmishes are gonna happen next year, so get your camera ready!!!

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Post by Ness »

Well you stand too far away to get in the shot Fran !!!!!

Some more pics up at http://theclarencehousehold.fotopic.net

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Post by caroline »

Some great shots of the battle.
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some more pictures

Post by niels »

And some more pictures from a friend of mine.

Had a very nice weekend, good figthing and lots and lots of funny nice people.



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